Jodi Keller

Jodi KellerI became a consultant in March of 2005 because I fell in love with these products! They were the first skincare products I was able to use without having a reaction. My dry skin was finally moisturized and my tone had evened out. I enjoyed sharing these products with my family and friends but didn’t have many shows. I quit my full-time job to be a stay-at-home mom in September of 2006 when we welcomed our twin boys, Cole & Ethan to our family. I continued to service my existing customers as I stayed home with them and even as we welcomed our 3rd son, Drew.

In April of 2012, when Drew was 1 and the twins were 5, my husband thought it would be a great idea for us to have a “plan B”. He suggested I go out and get a J.O.B. since our twins would be entering Kindergarten in the fall. Going back to work did not appeal to me; neither did putting Drew in daycare. I asked him if it would be okay if I treated L’BRI like my job and went out and started having shows again and attend trainings. I knew this would still allow me to be home with the kids before and after school and on days off, be with Drew during the day, and Chad agreed to be with them at night. I was prepared to be a great student, attend all the meetings, and build a team. I had no idea how fun these shows could be and how many amazing customers and team members I would be meeting and how supportive the L’BRI family was. I was finally having adult conversations again, contributing to our monthly budget, and I even earned the trip to Jamaica for Chad and I by the end of 2012. Spending a week with the leaders in L’BRI was incredible! It gave me a passion and excitement about the business that I could not wait to go out and share it with everyone.

My team really grew in 2013 and I was ready to take my business to the next level, which was Executive Manager. I had a goal to promote by Christmas and seemed to be on a role. Then on September 14th, 2013 our life changed dramatically. I received a phone call that changed our life; my husband Chad fell out of his tree stand while bow hunting on our land after passing out from dehydration. He quickly realized he was unable to move and was airlifted to Froedtert Hospital from our backyard. He spent the next 6 weeks at the hospital recovering & doing therapy. He has a Spinal Cord Injury, and he also broke his neck (which he had surgery on 12 hours later), back and ribs in the fall.

It is a day I will never forget but thanks to my thriving L’BRI business, our incredible family, and my awesome team, I was able to focus on his recovery and my family and take 4 weeks off to be by his side, while still receiving weekly paychecks. I was able to spend everyday at the hospital being there for his daily physical and occupational therapy sessions and meetings with his doctors, while being home at night with our 3 boys. God knew we were going to need that “plan B” someday and put so many of you in my life! Prayers & the mind are so powerful and Chad is living proof. He went from having paralysis in his leg & hands to being able to walk again and move his fingers. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

I was still able to reach my goal of Executive Manager on November 30th thanks to my team. I also earned the fully paid trip to Mexico for both of us, which will be a great reward for all the hard work we have both done! If your job doesn’t pay for you to go on vacation then we need to talk!! Since becoming an Executive Manager we have seen a significant amount of a pay increase, which has helped substantially since Chad is not able to return to work at this time.

Being an Executive is not just about the money though. I have made friends with many of my customers and team members – friendships I would not have made if it weren’t for my business. I take great pride in seeing other people achieve and when they join our team I feel as if I’ve given them a gift, as they too have the chance to build their own business and have those extras in their life.
How many of you reading this could use and extra $500, $1000, or more a month? Something you could build around your family. L’BRI is growing strong and steady and I encourage you to take a look at the opportunity they offer. Whatever it is, maybe paying off bills, saving for your future or even a dream vacation, L’BRI can make YOUR dreams come true. If you would like to find out more or chat about whether you would be a good fit in the Day Dreamers team, please send me an email or give me a call. This may or may not be for you, but it could be for someone you know and love.

Jodi Keller – WI
L’BRI Executive Manager